The Writer

Hello, my name is Angel Lee / 이천사.

I have been writing stories since 2002 when Meteor Garden came out in the Philippines. The reason? I started reading fan fiction about Ximen/XiaoYou (the most intriguing second couple of the series) and came on a fan fiction called, “On My Own” which was then written by red_star (you now know her as Kring Elenzano-Kim, the winner of the TV show I Do and is the half part of the Krimmy Couple). The writing totally pierced me and I decided to write my own version of the story, hers was Xiao You’s POV, whilst mine was for Ximen. I titled my fan fiction as “Will You Wait For Me” under the name an6elzhou (yes, for Vic Zhou, lmao) and this actually started all writing for me. My style and theme of writing appealed to people and encouraged me to write more. To date I have written 12 fan fiction (some are unreleased and unfinished) about Ximen/XiaoYou.

Eventually I moved to Kpop even before it entered the Philippines and Shinhwa captured my heart in 2004. I have started writing fan fiction for them since then and all of my stories casts the Orange Minions (which is basically me and my friends, that is another story all together, but basically we’re 6 people who likes different members of Shinhwa each) with our favorite Shinhwa members. It’s delusional ofcourse, but my stories are not meant to push anyone to believe them to be true; my stories are inspired by these people and the reason why I have chosen my friends as characters is mainly because it is easier to develop characters that I actually know in real life. Most of the behaviors and characteristics you read about them (especially in Roadtrip – Crossroads) is actually true to life and a fact, some of ofcourse are mainly fiction and meant to fit into the story.

If you’re reading my stories, you can change the character’s names in your head, that’s all up to you, but don’t take them all too seriously. They’re all meant to tell a story, to entertain and to let out emotions that are better in the open than kept inside, hahaha. Just honestly, don’t be serious. Enjoy the stories and if you love the characters, love them as they are, you are not required to love the real people they are based upon. At the end of the day, these are all fiction meant to be enjoyed, so do.

All artworks (posters, etc.) are made by me, carried through the name of AngelWorks Nox. My fan fiction is ofcourse under AngelWorks Echo. Why Echo? Because the stories are meant to be an echo of my thoughts and most often than not, my hearts desires ♥ Have fun!

For questions, requests or basically anything under the sun (no hate mails, I am not an6elzhou anymore, lol) you can email me at leechunsa (at) gmail (dot) com. You can direct go to my Wattpad account, my handle there is @theangellee (because somebody already got leechunsa, ugh).