Author: LeeChunsa
Genre: Lyric Fiction / Chaptered / Full
Song Title: Someday by Nina
Part of: The Chance Saga
Main Focus: Shin Hyesung
Rating: Hetero | PG13
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“When I lost you, I lost all the right to be happy.”

It was the perfect relationship. There was just nothing to ask for. Rhanie and Hyesung seem to have all they ever wanted and more. She was his dream girl, and he, the boy of her dreams. But reality is about to change, when the only thing that they were waiting for has finally come. Hyesung has been offered the one most special thing he has ever wanted in his whole life, or so he thinks. But to what risk? What they thought was the best gift became their worst nightmare. The relationship they once deemed to be perfect now has gotten quite complicated. Now they’re faced with two choices: to let one of them be happy, or to give up that one thing, and keep each other forever.